Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

World Tuna Trade takes social responsibility for the uplift of Thai Nation to become part of the solution rather than the cause of the problem. World Tuna Trade takes proactive steps to help the people of Thailand in the social innovation, education and career building through induction of different programs.


•  We conduct various seminars for students to choose the career path and groom themselves for the expertise.

•  We design internship programs for HR, Marketing and Finance Graduates, which helps them to experience the professional world.

•  We provide employment opportunities in various fields.




World Tuna Trade believes that charities and donations are one way that people can show their interest for the environment, poor people and for needful. World Tuna Trade reserves 20% of the earnings for charity and donation. There are numerous programs organised by World Tuna Trade for the charities in assorted parts of the world. World Tuna Trade is currently donating food for feeding mothers, and milk for the infants. We are also supporting widows through various charity programs by donating equipments such as cloth stitching machines which can help them to lead a successful professional life and to meet the household expenses.


World Tuna Trade appreciates education and fo the noble sake, we contribute our share in children adoption programs through which we adopt children of Thai nation and provide them with quality education, food, shelter and clothing with the support of different institutions. We also support the people of old age by helping them to lead their ending days in joy and happiness.


World Tuna Trade also helps the countries suffering from natural disasters through the donations in monetary terms as well as by other means.


World Tuna Trade employees are highly motivated to donate the extra special hours for the uplift of Thailand and for the poor.